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The “Talking Resilience with Tavis" show was created to continue bridging the gap of resiliency that we, as black and brown people, have to face. A resilient journey is one that has been tested time and time again. It allows us to share our journeys and still have the strength to keep going. Resilience kicks in when we are faced with obstacles/challenges and struggles that make us tap into the power and strength that we didn't know we held.


As a single mother of two sons, a serial entrepreneur, and a survivor who is proving that no matter what you have been through and what you have done you can get back up and start over if you need to.  Tavis Taylor offers a different perspective on life where the focus is on mindset, motherhood, money (multiple streams of incomes), and managing life.


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As mothers of brown boys, we are fierce, we are successful, and we are working hard to raise our brown boys into successful brown men!  This month's series is for the mother in you!  It is for the overwhelmed parent in you.

Community Involvement

Visiting the Chief of Police for City of Monroe

Keith Glass

Chief of Police, Monroe Georgia

After pouring into the women at Clarke-County, I was able to sign and leave copies of two of my books for incarcerated women.

Speaking to Students, talking about being what it takes to become an author

Amazing Students

Fulton County Schools

Officer Taylor

Clarke County Jail


What would you do if you knew God called you but you still had to a dark place that felt like to point of no return?  Would you still say yes?

The "Scenic Route to Purpose" shares the broken trails in the life of Tavis C. Taylor which led her to the road paved with purpose. From survivor of abuse to manipulator of the state, Tavis has been to hell and back. Her triumphant return to a life well lived came into view when she accepted the fact that she is graced to forgive.


Join Tavis on her riveting journey. On the other side of pain, there is purpose.  Are you willing to travel the road required to get there?



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