About Tavis
Tavis Taylor.

Entrepreneur, 5 times INDIE Author, Mother of Two Brown Boys, Certifed Christain Counselor, Minister, and Motivational and Inspirational Speaker

     Tavis C. Taylor has been a successful administrative entrepreneur for over 25 years. Utilizing her administrative skills and warfare prayer tactics, she has been able to assist clients with receiving over $20 Million in loans and acquisitions. As an ordained minister, God has given her a mandate and a heart for his people. She is a passionate Certified Christian Counselor, Author, and Motivational Speaker who has quickly earned a reputation as an ambassador of positive thinking and a compassionate leader. Widely known for her personable, consultative, and down-to-earth approach, her inspirational work—both in written and spoken form—has an immediate transformative ripple effect on each participant and reader.
     An avid believer in radical change, Tavis is the Founder of MOBB (Mothers of Brown Boys) and Behind the Walls Ministries and Tavis Taylor Talks. Through these ventures, she has seen lives resurrected and numerous women come to Christ.  Offering groups and courses at Fulton and Clarke County Jails as well as fostering discussion on taboo topics through blog talk radio, she is helping women unmask the limitations that are keeping them from thriving. Her mission is to liberate women from financial, emotional, or mental walls while parenting effectively.  Her passion for single mothers comes from her own personal experience of raising two sons.  
     Ultimately, her unwavering faith in God and her first-hand experiences paved her career path and turned her passion for helping others into her one true calling. She is an INDIE author with 5 current titles to her name including “Behind the Walls: Making it Through a Tough Time, “Praying it Forward: 21 Days of Fasting and Praying for Your Children,” “Help, My Teen is Driving Me Crazy,” “The ABC’s of Positive Thinking for Christians," “The ABC’s of Positive Thinking for Parents”, and "The Scenic Route to Purpose". Every day she strives to help others find hope in their healing.

Tavis's education includes a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Administration and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from Georgia State University. She is a Certified Christian Counselor and is a Certified Anger Management Specialist.  In addition, she is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Positive Neuropsychology.

"If you can look up, you can get up!"

- Tavis Taylor

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