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Entrepreneur, 5 times INDIE Author, Mother of Two Brown Boys, Certifed Christain Counselor, Minister, and Motivational and Inspirational Speaker

Author. Empowerer. Motivational Speaker. Minister. The TransPARENT Mom. Advocate for Positive Change. Proud Mom of 2 kids. MISSION: to inspire, uplift, and awaken people to their God-given potential.

Tavis C. Taylor is a passionate Minister, Author, and Motivational Speaker who has quickly earned the reputation as an ambassador of positive thinking and compassionate leader. Widely known for her personable, consultative, and down-to-earth approach, her inspirational work—both in written and spoken form—has an immediate transformative ripple effect on each and every participant and reader. Above all, she instills people with the tools they need to alter their perceptions and completely change their lives.

Her passion for single mothers of brown boys comes from her own personal experience of raising two sons.  She has the ability to "press through" life's adversities as well as assist other mothers as they overcome their obstacles.

If you can look up, you can get up!

Tavis C. Taylor

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