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Entrepreneur, 5 times INDIE Author, Mother of Two Brown Boys, Certified Christian Counselor, Minister, and Motivational and Inspirational Speaker.  Author. Empowerer. Motivational Speaker. Minister. The TransPARENT Mom. Advocate for Positive Change.  Proud Mom of 2 kids.


MISSION: to inspire, uplift, and awaken people to their God-given potential.​

Tavis C. Taylor is a passionate Minister, Author, and Motivational Speaker who has quickly earned a reputation as an ambassador of positive thinking and compassionate leader. Widely known for her personable, consultative, and down-to-earth approach, her inspirational work—both in written and spoken form—has an immediate transformative ripple effect on each and every participant and reader. Above all, she instills people with the tools they need to alter their perceptions and completely change their lives.​Her passion for single mothers of brown boys comes from her own personal experience of raising two sons.  She has the ability to "press through" life's adversities as well as assist other mothers as they overcome their obstacles. As a mother of two brown boys, ages 21 and 11, Tavis knows what it means to be resilient in her amazing role!  She's lived a life that could've taken her out, but she chose to rise above the circumstances and come back stronger than before, putting her resilience and love for her brown boys on full display.

Tavis knows that she has a greater purpose, which is why she is dedicated to ensuring that the world knows of the delicateness, power, resilience and prayer it takes to being a Mother of Brown Boys!

As Black Men, your truth matters, and your legacy matters!

The world needs to hear from more of you, now more than ever, to understand that there's more to being a black an that just working.  Your journey of becoming will inspire black men around the world to know that it's OK to share their truths, and to continue creating their legacy! We know that, as men, we depend on you to be the provider, strength, guide and protector, but we also understand that when society continues to batter and beat down our black men and black boys, it takes a toll, mentally upon you. 

We are here for you.

Join me in my inaugural book anthology, I Am Resilient, and share your journey of resilience as a Black Man in America so other men can be empowered and inspired to tap into their own resilience!

Say YES to your truth!

Say YES to your legacy!

Say YES to the Universe that has aligned our paths to create this amazing work of art while inspiring black men across the globe through the power of your resilience!

This opportunity is for men who are open to sharing how they are tapping into their resilience in today's America. These men know the POWER of their RESILIENCE adn know that their journey was created to inspire other men who are facing the same obstacles and need a true represenataion of what resilience looks like.

Be a beacon for others!

The Anthology


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