The M.O.B.B. Movement was created as a result of the founder's determination to positively embrace being the mother of two brown boys in a society where they are often devalued, misunderstood, and misrepresented.

As Mothers of Brown Boys, we experience a love and a fear at the same time.  When they walk out the front door, we experience different emotions.  We are happy to see them fly because we know they are amazing yet we fear that they will be judged, racially profiled, and mistreated at the same time. We trust in God and lean on our faith.  Whether a single mother or a married mother, the love and fear that we all experience is often times the same.  Therefore, we acknowledge the movement because as much as we may feel the fear and love we are STRONG!

The crown in the logo represents the King inside of every brown boy (son) that we as M.O.B.B.'s gave birth to.  We acknowledge that it takes a village to raise a brown boy into a king.  

This crown reminds us and the world that inside of every brown boy is a KING!


MOBB Community Mission:

"In our community, we provide mommy mindset makeovers, helping MOBBs go from frustration to freedom in their lives."

As a MOBB, I created the MOBB Parenting program that consists of 8 modules and covers topics such as effective communication, addressing mental health issues and so much more.

I believe that MOBBs should be able to earn income using the skillet they already possess and we have programs, training and opportunities for MOBBs to do just that!  

Earn income, create their legacy and live their God-designed lives!

Published Books By Tavis Taylor, MOBB Founder

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Perspective Parenting:  Help My Teen is Driving Me Crazy!

Journal for Moms Raising  Brown Boys

Conversations Between Mothers and Sons

The Scenic Route To Purpose


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