What Is Burnout and Why is it so Dangerous?

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

What Is Burnout and Why is it so Dangerous?

Mental burnout occurs when a person becomes emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted from the pressures of home or work life. This situation affects someone's level of motivation, well-being and energy. They feel frustrated, drained, fatigued, hopeless and powerless, which is the body's natural response to so much pressure. This situation is not an overnight issue, so you need to recognize its signs and symptoms early in the process so that you can take measures and stop it quickly.

Physical Signs

There are many physical sings that tell you something is going wrong with you. Lethargy, insomnia, muscle aches and headaches are some common symptoms of mental burnout. This situation may also lead to loss of appetite, gastrointestinal problems, migraines and lowered immunity to disease and sickness. The body's chronic stress might bring about frequent headaches, sleep problems, and so on.

Behavioral Signs

When reaching the point of burnout, you might tend to react differently in some social situations. You might start to blame others for your problems and feelings and even withdraw from your tasks at home or work. People might start using drugs, drinking alcohol as a form of mental outlet. People then start to make poor decisions at work due to their high levels of stress. Then they start to procrastinate, ignore responsibilities, skip work or arrive late.

Emotional and Mental Signs

Burnouts can affect people's emotional well-being a lot. They will reduce their ability to concentrate and focus, decreasing activity and memory power. Then they might develop self-doubt, isolation, feeling of failure and even sadness. Moreover, they might start to develop a negative outlook on life and work, signs of detachment, loss of motivation, and depersonalization.

How to Deal With Mental Burnout

Relaxation: You need to take relaxation seriously if you want to get rid of your mental burnout. Reading a book, meditation, listening to music, taking a walk and related things will help you deal with your mental burnout.

Rich non-work life: Finding something that is challenging and gets you going will help you keep a mental burnout at bay. Volunteering in your community, finding a new hobby, or practicing a new sport will make your mind, spirit and body feel much better. The goal is to turn your self off and participate in non-work, rewarding activities throughout the day.

Unplug: Communication technology has also added stresses to our life, so you need to unplug and turn off these devices from time to time.

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