BLACK MEN IN AMERICA… you are resilient!

And times are tough. No matter how educated or successful you become, there will always be stereotypes, biases, fear, and hatred for who you and what you represent. Although the system was designed and has worked against you being a family man, you are strong-willed and know how to do what is necessary to care for your families. Regardless of society’s lack of respect and support for you, you get up and keep getting up to make a difference!


Resilience is defined as the capacity to quickly recover from difficulties; toughness.


BLACK MEN IN AMERICA…YOU are the epitome of resilience!


All of you have your own resilience journey that should be shared with the world and it is my intent to help in this mission. Showing the world the level of resilience that you possess is important more now than ever! We have seen so many of our black men and boys be taken away from us and felt powerless, at times. We have felt the constant stings of seeing their lifeless bodies plastered across the television screens and mourned the losses. And we have recognized that the need to be seen and heard must happen now.


As BLACK MEN IN AMERICA, society’s desire to not see you stand has nothing to do with you, they are afraid to face their own truths. The truth that they are not now and never have been able to endure a fraction of what you, as black men, have endured since the beginning of time. The truth that they have judged you invaluable based on your skin color. The truth that there is something so special about you that it scares them to see you reach your full potential. And the fact that, in their minds, you are superior!


BLACK MEN IN AMERICA…you are resilient!

And now is the time to share your journeys and put it on full display for the world to read, be educated, and have a small insight into the lives you lead. It’s time for you to share your truth and give society an inside peek into the fabric of your making and the caliber of MEN you are!

This anthology is the beginning of many shared conversations and journeys!  These 10 men have shared only a small portion of their stories of resilience in hopes that it will encourage you to share yours!


I Am Resilient - Black Men: My Legacy, My Truth

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